# Commercio.network SDK (Dart) Documentation

Inside the following page you will learn how to perform all the Commercio.network transactions by using the commercio-sdk.dart.


This documentation is valid for the v2.2.0 sdk version

# Installation

In order to use the SDK inside your project you can easilly follow the guidelines provided here (opens new window).

# How to start using SDK

# Wallet

In order to perform transactions on the Commercio.network blockchain you need to create a wallet.


To know what a wallet is and how to create it, you can read the wallet creation guide

# Helpers

# Blockchain's helpers

After creating the wallet, you can use it inside the blockchain's Helpers, specific classes used to allow a simple way to send Commercio.network blockchain's messages and perform transactions.

Here's the helpers' list:

# Utility helpers

Beside the above helpers, there is a few more that allows you to perform specific operations such as string or bytes encryption/decryption, RSA/AES keys generation, JSON signature.

Here's the helpers' list: